Yesterday’s wifey

Back in the yester years ladies had a high calling.  I found lovely book the other day at the library.  It’s called The Seasonal Hearth by Adelaide Hechtlinger.

There are several recipes and menus from early America but the things that caught my eye were those pertaining to the women themselves.

Here are a few tidbits extracted  that I found to be inspiring:



Make up your beds early in the morning; sew buttons on your husband’s shirts; do not rake up any grievances; protect the young and tender branches of your family; plant a smile of good temper in your face, and root out all angry feelings, and expect a good crop of happiness

love the gardening metaphor 🙂



For a good, everyday household angel, give us the woman who laughs.  Her biscuits may not be always just right, and she may occasionally burn her bread, and forget to replace dislocated buttons; but, for solid comfort all day and every day, she is a very paragon.  The trick of always seeing the bright side, or, if the matter has no bright side, of shining up the dark one, is a very important faculty; one of the things no woman should be without.  We are not all born with the sunshine in our hearts, as the Irish prettily phrase it; but we can cultivate a cheerful sense of humor, if only we try.

If you aren’t much for house work…just keep smiling! Seriously though, I find that my mood sets the tone for those around me.  It’s a struggle sometimes but I’ve got to do what I know is right.  My pastor preaches two messages that hit this on the head.  “Get rid of your Stinkin’ Thinkin'” and “I think myself Happy”.  It takes a lot of mental effort but the results are life changing!

Old fashioned for sure but I  find a good bit of this advice is still sound

These excerpts are originally from The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Robert B. Thomas


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