IMG_0311Mama said there would be days like this…


Well, it was a glorious “faux spring” day as I like to call it. (Actually, I just made that up but it sounds good doesn’t it?) It’s the in between winter and spring time here.  You never know when snow will fall or the temp will rise.  The air was chilly this morning but the bright sky promised sunshine that would warm the air.  I went to my car this morning to get it preheated and …nothing….no go…literally.

So, my mechanical son grabbed the portable battery charger (these are week old batteries by the way) and tired to give it some juice.  Again, no go.  So hubby comes to the rescue with the mega battery charger.  Success! We truck off to school and plug in our charger there to make sure we could get home again.  It charges all morning. I go out at lunch and… no go.  *insert large and audible sigh*

Well, it gets better my friends. Our house showed today as well.  I was unaware that our house was showing today.  Had I been aware I would have washed the dishes, flushed the toilets and picked up straggling bits of dirty clothing….but, hey, that’s just me! Not everyone is so picky! Ha.

I kinda wanted to scream for a moment but then I remembered that I’m not actually in danger or starving or homeless.  That tiny bit of perspective made me breathe a deep sigh of thankfulness and relief.  It’s ok. Life is good.  I’m actually not going to die and the world will go on turning.  Ah, perspective… and that is why God gives us life in 24hr installments 🙂


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