An Unstuffed Christmas

I have long been opposed to the sheer audacity of Christmas merchandising. Jumping into stores even before Halloween candy has cleared the shelves, Christmas is commerce on steroids. Without a doubt the hype and sales are turbo charged and all geared at finding the perfect “thing” that will make you ( or a loved one) feel special. But at what cost? And what if you totally fail and they hate the gift you bought? What then? What a let down. And in my experience it’s not the things that matter, it’s the time spent and the words spoken that connect us.

I believe in family and traditions and making time for those you love during the holidays. I do not believe in more useless crap filling up corners of my house in the months to come. This year I’m giving each of my kids $100 and calling it done. Except for the one who wants a cello, she got that instead. Oh, and I’ll buy a snack crate subscription so we can all have fun with that throughout the year. But I’m not doing this over the top expensive stuff. I refuse. I’m not a grinch but I just don’t think you need a ton of gifts to show your love. And I do believe in giving all year round so holding everything back until that one special day just isn’t practical, helpful or realistic.

I even stepped back in decorating this year. My 10 year old did most of it for me. I did do my mantle and letter board and put some bells on the door but this is the most scaled down my holiday home has been in a looong time! And it feels so nice! I usually love hauling out our boxes of treasured decorations and setting them out but at the same time I love having space in my little home. If put everything out it would be pretty squishy up in here! So I trimmed it back and I am so very pleased with the result!

If you are an over the top tinsel toes and can’t wait to get your elf on the shelf you go ahead and rock it! But as for me and my house we will be breathing a little more peace and a little less stuff into our holiday😊

This poem was a gift from my son’s Christmas work party. I put out so few decorations but this one was just perfect so it stayed ❤️
My mantle with a new letter board message, a few bottle brush trees and a lighted snowflake. Pretty simple and I love it! The frame, mirror, wood round and letter board live here year round so not much was added for the holidays.
The nativity, of course ☺️ here it’s perched on my old treadle singer sewing machine in the entry.
This is my one exception to “over gifting”. I like to do a countdown/ advent for my kids each day in December so I drop a little something in their mailbox each day. Nothing big but just a token – it’s tradition and it’s fun but I keep it very inexpensive. One day may be a note or candy bar or a joke. The fun is in the surprise 😀
The bells that are standing in place of a wreath. These were also a gift from my son’s work party and they add a fun jingle when you go in or out.

The Christmas village painted by my husbands grandmother. This goes out every year, it’s a must!

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season❤️

Enjoy your time with those you love