A New Year

I am happy to report that our humble little Christmas was a success.  The kids looked forward to a daily activity and we did everything from parades to sledding to reading a new book.  The highlight had to be the Santa Train ride.  It was a wonder of antique machinery that was a marvel to the kids.  We got a bonus ride in the caboose when they had to go back and switch trains between rides.  That will be a keepsake memory for sure.

On to the New Year!

Our son was finishing up his last night of the youth meeting as the new year rolled in.  We joined the youth sledding party as a last bit of fun before settling back into school.

That night we had a beautiful time of prayer for our little family.  We gathered together and prayed for one another, ourselves and the coming year.  There was not a dry eye in the room.  We are expecting great things to come .

Welcome to 2016


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