Small town girl

Growing up in a logging town I dreamed of the glittering lights of the big city.  I had no clearly defined direction as far as a career.  Just get me to a bigger pond!  Simple things had always been a part of my upbringing.  Chopping wood in the summer for the winter stove, making hay, peeling cascara bark for extra cash.  We swam in the river on hot days and hiked through tall trees for hours and never left the property.  Looking back I see that it was luxury I was experiencing.  Not everybody gets to have that much freedom and room to roam.

I had my babies and lived in my little town home.  It was lovely.  And then I began to watch my son grow into a strong and active young man. He is hands on, mechanical, curious and very active.  In order to keep this boy engaged I would need something more.  He would need what I had at that age.  Space and time and tools to grow.  I began to crave these things for myself again too.

So here I am.  Back to square one.  Living the simple life on a itty bitty 9.7 acre farm.  It’s a far cry from my family’s 80+ acres of tall timber but this is what we could afford.  I am bringing those simple things- luxurious experiences- to my life again.



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