Being Mama

Hey there!

It’s been a loooong minute since I’ve really settled in to write. I think writing will forever follow me through life. It’s just how I express my inner thoughts that never seem to fully make it into conversation in our busy world. Which leads me to ask… why? We are so busy going about life that we often miss those moments that truly matter.

I’m not the best at saying what’s on my mind simply because people really don’t care to listen. That’s just the truth. They would rather do the talking. I don’t like to give opinions unless they are asked for so I happily let the conversations roll past me. Not because I don’t have things to say but I’d rather save my words for true connection.

I’m always looking for connection in conversation. I like to know that thoughts and ideas have made their way from one mind to another and understanding is gained. It’s almost like a small victory to me when people come to perfect understanding.

Isn’t it funny how our different ways of saying what we feel/ think can nearly separate us from one another? I’ve learned that the best way to engage is to ask questions. Nobody can resist talking about what truly fuels their fire. It’s almost as a person becomes more alive when speaking of things they are passionate about. And if they are a good conversationalist they might return the favor. If not, you could always blog 😁


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