Monday Love

I know so many people hate Mondays because that is the beginning of a new work week. I am fortunate to have my Monday’s nearly unscheduled ( I do work a one hour shift but what is 60 minutes?). And so Monday becomes my day for tidying, planning, relaxing and readying for the week ahead.

Monday is my clean day. Monday is my reset day. Monday is my let go of last week and restart day. Monday is my live what you learned on Sunday day. I love Monday’s!

Today my girls are home with me and we are doing homework, studying and cleaning the house. These small tasks bring me so much comfort and even joy. What? Cleaning and joy in the same breath? I know, it’s maybe not what you usually hear but after my bout of decluttering it’s so very easy to keep things clean and tidy. It’s easy enough that my girls and I can complete the whole house in about 2 hours or less ( I’ll have to time it but I’m pretty sure it was an hour- it only took a bit longer today because sisters had some ‘tude and big sis decided to do some yard work to cool off)

I love the brightness and the clean air in my home after a cleanup. I love empty trash cans. I love laundry sorted and folded. I love clean sheets. I love seeing my clothes hung up and orderly. It brings me a bit of calm and control.

Things have been shifting lately and it has left me wondering where I am in it all. Of course I am physically right where I need to be but in the sense of who I am, what I do and what lies ahead I am needing to rely solely on God. My controlled little home is tidy and ordered. I am thankful for that but in the larger picture I will just have to lean in and trust that He still has a plan for me. He has an order for my life. He has a plan to follow. *I don’t want to miss it*

– Veronica


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