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The Hidden Corners

A picture is worth a thousand words….

Exhibit A: side view of glorious mess
Exhibit B: top view of glorious mess

This glorious mess was my craft closet. The place you go to for glue sticks and markers. Where the glitter, paper and paint hang out. Where the wild things are.

I was doing admirably well on my decluttering mission but I could not face the craft cupboard. You see, I have been a teacher for the last decade. That pile of junk represented years of well thought out activities and all the chaos that they bring. It represented children whose faces lit up when I told them it was time for art. It was their pride in creating something of their own that made me just so happy to be the one who got to share that moment with them.

It was also a festering cubby that had grown into an aggressive stash. It would attack anytime someone opened the door searching for a clipboard. It was time…

The empty space. Wow. That’s a pretty big cupboard!

I have come to the conclusion that these things just take time. I am still adjusting to not being a full time teacher. It hurts a bit not to be that anymore but it’s where I’m at. I gave myself permission to get rid of what I no longer needed and also to be who I am right now. This stuff that is so meaningless was tied into who I was, or who I had been. Now I have set it free and also myself.

I can honestly say I feel like the possibilities are endless. God use me for YOUR glory. Make me what you will.  ❤

Also some cool bananas I drew a while back. Because Bananas.

….🎹🎶🎵”Isn’t she lovely?”🎼🎵🎤…..

Um, sorry I was having a moment. Anyway, all the useful stuff found its way back home. No more leftover school stuff and half baked art projects. I may or may not have opened the door just to gaze at it 10x in a row…

I know it doesn’t seem like much but this cupboard really nagged me. More for what it represented to me than anything else. Sometimes the things we collect can really hold our minds in limbo. I have found decluttering to me is much like showering or praying.  The weight of worry lessens and you just feel better about life in general.

Unfinished business is always at the tail end! Thrift and gift time! I take out the trash then I can donate or gift any useful items in not going to use.

Aaahhhh…..did you hear that? It was the cupboard door closing with nary a bump!

Best of everything to you all!


Spring Is Around The Corner

God’s handiwork this morning

I know it may be a bit wintry in this picture but it was a lovely cool still morning. Just as if the seeds in the ground had started listening for their cue to rise. Instead of dew we had snow but the feeling of spring was there.

What a view! My neighbors probably thought I was crazy to stand in my driveway (in flip flops) just to catch the sunrise finishing it’s morning trek into the heavens. But you should have seen it! Billowing clouds full and glistening with the paleness of early sunshine streaming out onto the lightest dusting of pure white snow. I wish I had a better camera to do it justice. I am blessed to wake up to God’s handiwork every morning!

Have a beautiful day!


Our New Babies

Introducing Sage and Sorrel our lovely little dairy maids! These two girls were born late last winter and are sweet as can be. We have not yet decided if we will have them bred and get babies or simply keep them for lawnmowers as we have a lot of space to clear. By the way… ***BABY GOATS ARE SO ADORABLE!*** yes, I really needed caps for that. Seriously,  Google baby goats and tell me they aren’t the cutest thing ever. So if we do have them bred you can bet your boots I will be posting cuteness everywhere 🙂 you’re welcome!

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I am a happy chicken mama right now!  Those ladies upped their game and I am getting an easy dozen a day and usually round 14-16.  So happy! Super eggcited!

Some of the things we did to make our girls happy:

Cleaned the coop

Made a hot mash with oatmeal, cornmeal, molasses and oyster shells

Finished the outdoor pen

Fed cracked corn for scratch grains outside

Fed kitchen scraps once a day outdoors

Our neighbor also killed 2 foxes behind our house a week ago so that may have been a factor as well.  I’m not sure what made everything cluck, er… click but we got eggs so I’m a happy girl!

From our farm to yours “Bock!” (that’s chicken talk for  happy Monday)

p.s. These lovely homegrown gems are posted on the classifieds!

p.p.s. We have a FB page just for farmy things! Henneke Farm

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Frosty Morning on the Farm

We had an early morning appointment for my middle girl today. She has been seeing the physical therapist for her digestive system and her appointment times are usually 7 am. We were on the verge of running late but it was just so beautiful in that barely there light I had to take a couple of pictures.  I have never felt more at home than I do here. God has truly blessed us and this morning was a perfect breathless moment when it all flooded in.

Until my kids started fighting in the car at least!

Wherever you are I hope you are at home.

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Living the Dream

We went to the farmers and merchants banquet last night. My husband was helping out up there and we got to get a look at who is getting things done here in our little valley.

As the awards were given out it was fun to hear the stories of all the farm projects people had going on. The “Ag Woman of the Year Award” was given to a sweet little lady who began farming with her husband when they were in their early 40s. It was inspiring to hear how one couple (along with kids and grand kids) began.

My husband commented, “That’s us!”. While I am not yet 40 *ahem!*…(thanks hubs) I had to agree. We have a sweet little hobby farm with a lot of potential. While we haven’t narrowed the focus yet on which avenue we would like to pursue yet we have lots of fun dreaming.

There are a few ideas brewing right now and I am fascinated with the idea agritourism. I know if we keep working at it we will hit on the true purpose for our little farm. For right now I’m just trying to enjoy the journey and not get into a hurry. All in time.


My View

Winter is definitely drawing near. The sky was doing crazy things yesterday in our pre-dusk hour. The light cut through the gray-blue clouds in a curious way. I took a few pictures but I’m afraid they didn’t capture the effect. Someday I’ll take a photography course and join the rest of y’all. Right now I am content to watch the sky and the world around me through my own two eyes. There is something spectacular about being in a single moment that will never be repeated. I can never get that when I’m snapping photos so I usually leave that to my self stick friends; ) I’m glad you all are better at documenting than I am. As for me, I like to watch the clouds roll by one at a time.


Bock Bock

Photo on 2017-10-08 at 15.51 #2
Water color of a farm, artist unknown

It’s Farm Friday! Reporting on the chicken situation today.  Those dirty birds still are not laying.  I have cleaned and freshened their coop and have been giving them leftover kitchen scraps (hello 3 day old oatmeal!) for treats but NO EGGS.  This is getting serious.  I had to BUY eggs at Wal-mart.  And there is a difference…yes, there. is. a. difference.

So my son has been talking to our local chicken experts and has decided they need an outdoor chicken run.  Fine. Except I do not have energy to build a fence that I had already put up once and then taken down.  He volunteered himself for the job as he seems to be very concerned about our eggless condition.

Praying for eggs 😉


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First Fall

This is our first fall in our current location. I haven’t seen the turn of the season here yet. This tree is in our backyard and it seemingly turned color overnight!

It was a lovely surprise when I got up this morning as its right outside my bedroom window.

So pretty!

I’m looking forward to seeing what other surprises fall has for us 🙂