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Enjoying time with this little life. Oh how I love my family!

I used to think that balance was the key to living harmoniously.  That by adept scheduling of must dos with periodic entertainment breaks was the key to keeping our busy lives running smoothly.  The only problem is that life never plays along with my carefully laid plans.  It is by nature feast or famine. We are overwhelmed with stimulus or we are bored. No one is around or we are swamped with people.

Can balance really help? The very word implies that we are teetering between success and failure.  If we choose option A over option B we tip the scales just a bit too far and have to scramble to regain stability.  Nah… just nah… I’m taking a different route this time.  New year, new life…whatever.  How about new vision?  New growth?  How about peace?

I want resiliency.  I want to know how to ride the waves of life and to come down with a soft landing.  I want to be held in the hollow of God’s hand and to know that He is with me through every tempest and every trial.  I don’t want to figure it all out.  I want to trust.  I want to be filled with hope and love.  I want to stand firm against any storm that I face knowing that I stand with God and not alone.

I’ve set a few goals this year and I hope you have too.

Whatever 2019 brings you don’t forget to look up!



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No Bad Hair Days Disclaimer: *not at all farm related*

Hey everyone! I’ve been obsessing just a bit about hair lately. Healthy hair is a passion of mine and I take it quite seriously. I made a quick video to share my latest discovery. Here’s to only good hair days!

Happy Friday!


Sorry, there was a problem loading the video… technical difficulties! Hopefully it’s now fixed 🙂


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Adventures in Eating

Adventures in Eating

I am back on the THM (Trim Healthy Mama) wagon and very happy about it!  I have been needing to take a good long look at my eating habits for a while. I am a pig if you must know.  I have been blessed with a high metabolism but as I *ahem* mature I have noticed that it is  less speedy.  Also, sugar and gluten aren’t friendly to me- ever. I love them but they do not love me back and so I’m ending our relationship before anything drastic happens.

One of my morning go-tos is bulletproof coffee.  If you haven’t tried it you should at least once.  It’s creamy and frothy and YUM! It does require using a blender which can be an extra step that some people don’t have time for in the morning but it can hold it’s own against any fancy $5 drink and it’s GOOD for you!

This morning as I was putting the finishing touches on my coffee the blender seemed a bit off… not quite right…very bouncy and loud…

Hmmm… upon further investigation I could see nothing noticeable about the contents of my blender so I poured out my big cup of love and took a big ol’ swig.  Strange…it’s a bit chewy??? I quickly spit out a solid piece of something.  It was a chunk of black rubber.  I know I live on a farm and things can get misplaced very easily when you have 4 outbuildings each with their own belongings, not to mention 5 different people moving those items about… but really! Trying to save my cup of perfect deliciousness I grabbed a fine mesh strainer to strain out all the rubber bits.  It almost worked.  If I only looked at the beautiful frothy top I could not see the black flecks below!  But my better judgement took over and I realized that it’s probably not a good idea to drink inedible things.  Well, I guess I could always make another cup- but this time I’m writing down exact quantities so I can replicate my little cup of heaven!


Basic Bulletproof Coffee:

1 cup of freshly brewed coffee

1/2 tsp. coconut oil

1/2 tsp. butter

stevia to taste

sprinkle of salt

1 tsp. collagen

flavoring of your choice

blend on low for 30 seconds to 1 minute until fully emulsified and frothy

Drink up!


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Caring for Thin Hair

caring for

Hey there!  I have been working on hair health for a while and I thought I’d share a bit of what I have learned in my process of trial and error. I find so many things for natural hair or curly hair and thick hair but have been frustrated in the thin hair department.  I hope this helps someone! Also, let me know if you have any hair helps for thin hair and we can share the hair love. Have a GREAT hair day!

Here are the promised links for products mentioned:


Aloe Vera gel- I use this one

DIY Flax Seed Gel – here is one tutorial


Shea Moisture Shampoo – find them here

Norwex Hair Turban (to speed drying time and reduce heat)- find it here

Perfectly Posh Shampoo- find products here

Homemade Oatmeal and Honey Soap  – recipe found here


DIY Hair Mask – get my Monday egg mask here

Hair Oil (to keep split ends away) – I have used this one

Cedarwood Oil (for regrowth) – I use one from Young Living found here


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 Trying to Stay Healthy with Fire Cider Tea 

I had made fire cider in the past and even blogged about it. Its basically a bunch of good for you ingredients steeped in apple cider vinegar for a few weeks. It is to be used as a health tonic to build up your immunity. Instead of eating whole cloves of garlic and smelling like an italian restaurant from a mile away you drink a small amount of this and still get the benefits. The ingredients : horseradish root, ginger root, lemon juice and garlic (plus a few spices) make up my fire cider tea. Here’s where I tweaked the original recipe. Normally these ingredients will steep in the vinegar FOR.EV.ER. and I’m not patient. So I decided to can the ingredients in boiling water like a tea and see if that sped up the process. It actually worked pretty well! I’m not sure if it affects the properties of the ingredients but it still has the same firey  bite to it so I’m thinking it’s about the same. Oh, and I add the vinegar to my glass before taking it.

My main ingredients: ginger, garlic, horseradish, lemon
Chopped ingredients ready to go along with rosemary, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and lemon juice

Here lay the humble beginnings of my fire cider tea. Chopped and ready to be canned up.

Into the jar you go!
All canned up:)

After canning I gave it a few day to steep and then tried it out. It seemed just like the regular version that takes weeks so I’m pretty happy. Stay healthy!


Sniffle City

 Whenever anyone is under the weather they have the right to camp on the couch and take up real estate. Leela and I are making the most of it. She has been sniffly for a while and we spent a good part morning waiting to see the doctor. Prognosis : common cold, ugh. So, here are some things that perk us up when we are under the weather.

Cold and flu favorites include:

Ricola cough drops

Essential oils -especially thieves

Fishermans friend cough drops

Hot tea with honey and lemon

7 up

Orange juice

Wasabi peas

Homemade chicken soup (that I canned earlier in the year)

Reading, sewing and stories (in between naps)

New favorites :

It’s muscle cream and it doesn’t stink!

Seems to be working…

Hope you’re staying healthy!

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Keep Walking

My old walk- so peaceful! I walked many a troubles away here.

This morning I went on a walk.  There is a fairly quiet loop that is about 2.5 miles that I can just go straight out the door and begin.  It’s a great way to get out and moving. I am trying to make a concentrated effort at self care lately.  It’s awkward to be 36 and just learning these things but here we are.

Anyhow, I fell asleep and left my phone in my purse so I had no music to walk to.  I am too cheap to buy something to play music when my phone works just as well so I set out with empty pockets and nothing but the sounds of the world around me.  To be honest, I did take my mace.  I am not paranoid or afraid of being attacked, in fact I would feel sorry for the attacker…I have horrible (excellent?) reflexes when I’m startled. There is a cocker spaniel on the corner that likes to pretend she is going to rip my leg off. She hasn’t yet but I like to be prepared in case she decided to maim me. Ironically, said spaniel also shares a name with my daughter…

As I was walking I just wanted to be as alive as possible.  Sometimes it’s good to move on the inside as well as the out.  I began to sing as I walked. I hope my neighbors don’t think I’m totally crazy.  There is something freeing about singing outdoors and often when I practiced for a recital I would go outside and walk as I sang.  I could open up more when it was just the sky above for an audience.

We used to help in my grandparents’ hay field as teens and my favorite time was when the bales were being loaded.  Often my sister and I were the only ones in the huge open expanse as the boys went with the full truckload to the barn.  We would roll the bales into small stacks of 3-4 so the boys on the truck could make fewer stops to collect.  Occasionally we would buck bales too but I could never get much higher than the tail gate with a 50 pounder. My sister was pretty impressive though- but she also did shotput in high school.  While the truck was being unloaded I made like Maria in the Sound of Music and enjoyed being as loud as physically possible. I was far enough away from my sister that she couldn’t deck me so that was good.

Recently I had a frustrating day and I just wanted to march myself into our back field and to sing.  We had horse boarders at the time and they were having a rodeo lesson.  We had a college rodeo students hanging out at the round pen.  I stomped back in and my husband  was confused.  “Back already?” I explained that my song therapy only works if I am (more or less) alone.  So if you see a lady walking on the side of the road singing to herself please just wave and go on by.  She most likely is not very crazy and harmless- except for the mace.


Staying Healthy

Any guesses as to what is in the bowl? It’s edible. It “grows”. It eats sugar and it can help your tummy. These, my friends,  are water kefir grains. Similar to the kombucha and the milk kefir that is for sale everywhere these days except these are for use with water.

Quite simply, these grains allow you to make a liquid probiotic. You “steep” the grains in sugar water and then strain them out after 12 hours. The remaining liquid is your end product.

I chose water grains as we have issues with milk. You could make a milk kefir but as milk isn’t our friend I do water. I must admit, I really have no idea how this all transpires. I do know that it works much like the yeast in a bread recipe will.

So why do I bother with the daily sugar water routine? Umm…have you priced a decent probiotic lately? This I a wonderfully low cost way to help heal your tummy. We have had our fair share of issues. I cannot speak for all members of my family but I see a vast improvement! (I’ll spare you the details)

We are super sensitive to any kind of fast food. Even quality foods that are new to us can set stomachs turning. Most of the time we eat at home for both health and cost. I can always tell if I’ve been straying too far from my regular diet. Anyway, if we have been “off our feed” this stuff really helps us get back to normal.

I remember running errands one day and we sped through the drive through so I wouldn’t have to go home and feed the kids in the middle of my “doing”. When I finally made it home, hours after I had expected, my stomach was in knots. I had rushed all day and the fast food did not sit well. I remember thinking,  I need a glass of kefir water as soon as I get home! I felt better almost instantly after one glass. So, pretty unscientific experiment-I make no medical claims- but it worked for me.

Stay healthy!

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Photo on 2017-10-07 at 18.06
Looks yummy! Smells good too- but don’t eat the soap!

Today I made soap.  I have only made soap once or twice before and used a very simple recipe.  I had a more steps involved n the recipe I used today and got a little flustered when I reached “trace” much quicker than I anticipated but all went well and now I have a lovely oatmeal cookie soap waiting to be unmolded .  Everyone keeps trying to eat it here at the house because I used a muffin tin  and a bread pan for a mold. It really does look and smell like baked goods!  Hopefully I can get some molds made up for future batches…. pretty sure taking a bite out of freshly made soap is not a good idea :/

I am hunting for the perfect shampoo bar recipe.  I made one before that was heavy on the coconut oil and found that to be too drying for my hair.  I am hoping to add a bit more moisture to my shampoo bar as well as all the good add ins that promote hair growth.

I have tried sulfate free shampoos and ‘no poo’ as well as CO washing with mixed results.  I always end up going back to the homemade soaps as they clean well without stripping the hair and they have zero sulfates.  Also, you don’t need to take out a loan to whip up a batch of soap.

The oatmeal bar that I made today will work fine for shampoo for my family but I want to dose up a batch with rosemary, lavender, tea tree and all the other hair goodies.  We have varied needs as far as hair care goes so the souped up shampoo bar will most likely be just for me.

Through the course of time I noticed my hair was getting thinner and thinner and the texture became more brittle.  I was careful with it but still it broke off a lot.  I started my “hair health” by taking out sulfates.  That helped a lot but products still left my scalp itchy and sore and my hair was not happy.  I began to treat my scalp with essential oils.  mainly, lavender, tea tree and cedar wood.  That helped too and I notice a difference when I treat it regularly.  Now, I oil my ends before and after every washing and I have started doing an egg mask once a week.  I brush my hair out thoroughly at night and wither braid it or put it in a bun.  I rarely (like maybe 4-5 times a year) use heat other than a hair dryer.  Each step I take toward healthier hair has given my hair new life.  Genetics has given me thin hair and it will probably remain that way but with care  I have been able to keep it healthy.

I can’t wait to get a new batch of soap going… next up: shampoo bars, goat milk and castile 🙂