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First Fall

This is our first fall in our current location. I haven’t seen the turn of the season here yet. This tree is in our backyard and it seemingly turned color overnight!

It was a lovely surprise when I got up this morning as its right outside my bedroom window.

So pretty!

I’m looking forward to seeing what other surprises fall has for us 🙂

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DIY d’jour 

The beginning of my current sewing project: I started with a chambray jumper and took the skirt off the bib.

Now I am completing the jersey underskirt that will give me coverage and comfort without the weight.

After that I will gather my lovely floral and attach to my underskirt. I will attach both skirts to the bib for the finished project. I found the idea in pintrest…. (of course) but no tutorial. Hopefully this turns out as cute as the one is pinned!

Happy Friday!

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Making a Difference 

I am a teacher. I have a small first grade class. They are few in number but have plenty of personality. I find myself thinking of all the kids that have come through my classroom.  My son was in my very first preschool class when he was 4. He’s 15 now so I’ve seen plenty of kids come and go during that time.

For most of my students I am the rule keeper, to motivator and cheerleader. I am the one who presents the task and guides them through the process. To some I am a constant and a routine that they take comfort in. To others I am the smile they crave and the only “good job” they will hear that day. I don’t take it lightly- although I have relaxed significantly as time wears on and I lose the spunk I once had.

It is an important job. We teachers shape the future. The kindness we give and the effort we put forth can make their day and influence their lives.

I’m not tooting my own horn- so often I feel as if I should be doing something more productive with my time. I just get a bit contemplative when I consider the fact that to one child I might be the difference maker. That is what keeps me going.

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My “never-shys” know no strangers! Love these buggers…though they have grown so much since this photo was taken 😦

There is something to be said for going out of your comfort zone.  It’s a freeing experience.  It also shows people that you really care enough to get yourself out there and potentially get a door slammed in your face.  It’s pretty cool to have a cause and to care about it enough to make yourself vunerable.  Ugh, …not sure that I like the sound of that word.Yep, I am certain I don’t like that word.  Here’s the funny thing though.  If I can’t embrace it I am stalling everything.  I am immobile.  Paralizing ones self is never a good idea.  And yet, I perpetuate the cycle because I feel uncomfortable stepping out of the parameters I have set for myself.


Hey vunerable!  Maybe we could be friends.  Yeah, I know I don’t like rejection and it hurts when I am not accepted.  I know that I can be sensitive to other people’s opinions of me but I think we should try again.

How about it?

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Time to Get Busy


Another day another post.  I am sorry to say that my parents must return home today. It’s been fun and now it’s time to say goodbye. 😦 The next visit will be on us and we will have to make the trip over to see the clan.

Well, I shall not be bored in the mean time! I have a line up of projects that should keep me hopping for quite a while.  What’s in the works you ask? Let me tell you.

Finish staining and installing office shelves

Install large cork board

Mix glorious paint leftovers into something lovely

Paint office

Paint girl 1 room

Paint my room

Paint living room

Paint hallway

Stain stairs

Make wall words for my room- not sure which quote/scripture I’d like yet…

Make wall words for Living room- “As for me and my house” maybe?

Paint large mirror frame and install near entry

Make slip cover for “new” couch

Hmm… I think I’ll start with a cup of coffee and then decide which one I want to tackle first!


Where I Live

I’m very thankful for this view. I was up in the wee hours of the morning yesterday and thought I’d catch the light as the sun started to show. This is from my front porch. My neighbor is often on his front porch for his morning cigarette as I sit and watch the sun bring light and life to our little corner of the world. I’m pretty sure we have interrupted his morning ritual by moving in.  Kinda not sorry about it because I love hanging out on my front porch!

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Life Goals

School days – blurred to protect the innocent

I remember in grade school we had an assignment to write down what it is we wanted to do when we grew up.  (Anybody form NHS class of ’99 remember?) Pretty typical assignment. I usually ask my students the same thing every year.  We had a little fun reading our replies at a class reunion a while back.

Anyhow,  I remember that day.  As little me wrote down my life dreams and listened to my classmates hopes and goals I began to worry.  ( I was a worrying child)  I sat and listened as the teacher read each one aloud.  Doctors, sports stars, families, cars, houses, college; all these things worked their way into my classmates’ goals.

I thought about mine: To help people get the things they need and to run an orphanage.  I think this was third grade. I didn’t have a clue how I would actually achieve these goals.  I had never heard of social workers or foster parents.  I began to panic a little and to think that maybe I was a bit “off” and nobody had the heart to tell me yet.

I remember going up to my teacher in quiet anxiety.  I told her my fears.  What if my goals aren’t grand enough?  Did I do something wrong?  Will I fail somehow because I didn’t even consider going to college an important thing for my future? (I told you I was a worrying child)

I can’t remember her exact words but I do remember the effect.  She said so solemnly and clearly that my goals were great indeed.  So, here I am many years later and I can honestly say my goals haven’t changed much.  I still want to save the world.  I want to take all the unwanted babies into my arms.  I want to help and to give and to love.

I know I miss that goal often.  Truthfully, I run out of strength and simply cannot physically do much at the end of my work day. I just wanted to let you know, if you need me I am here.

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My Mommy and Daddy are Coming!

My parents aren’t they cute? 🙂

My parents are coming over today 🙂 This will be the first time my dad has ever seen the farm.  So far, just my mom has seen it “in real life” *hint, hint family!* It’s a bit like Christmas maybe better because I don’t have “entertainment pressure”.  It’s just our family goofing off and doing dumb stuff together.

Plus, they are bringing me a desk! The final installment to my command center a.k.a. home office crammed in the corner of the dining room. I am a happy girl!

They are also bringing a couch so that our care group can all be seated comfortably when we get together which we do every week. AND they are bringing me leftover paint.  This is pure gold people.  You have no idea how much fun it is to mix up some leftover paint and create a gorgeous color …unless you have already tried it then maybe you do.  So I will be in the color lab soon to see what I can concoct for our recently acquired bedrooms.

We decided that since girl 1 was upstairs girl 2 ought to be as well. Now we have three kids relocated to 3 separate rooms.  Boy (and boy’s dog) have moved downstairs to the big room previously occupied by 2 girls.  Girl 1 gets the “craftroom” read: wonky room that was kinda iffy on the flooring.  Girl 2 gets the tiny room previously occupied by boy.

Everybody relocated well.  Everybody except girl 2 that is.  She is the master of messes. She is often getting distracted by a more interesting task.  Actually, it could be dish washing as long as she can avoid the task at hand a little longer!  To be fair, she is a collector and she has the smallest room so the odds aren’t in her favor.  I purposely gave her this room so she would be forced to deal with her mess on her own on a DAILY basis. No more big sis to clean up for her!

I plan to help her organize it and get it all set up then sit back and see how she does…should be interesting!  If I ever get the video figured out I’ll give you al a virtual tour.  I’m really not that tech saavy though so it may be a while…

Happy Friday 🙂



Because it’s Thursday… here’s a classic 90’s kid for you!

Well, I missed posting yesterday.  It was a Wednesday and for me that means I was spinning like a top all day until I finally closed my eyes.  If there isn’t something in the crock pot Wednesday morning when I leave the house dinner looks suspiciously like a pb&j…

Today is Thursday and I wanted to share a little challenge that a friend and I are doing.  Twice a week share one scripture that you have been reading with a friend. We just started and its more like a scripture swap as there are only 2 participants at the moment.

I was reading to my little class out of 1 John yesterday and one stuck in my mind.  This is what I have to share today:

1 John 1:9

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

As I explained the forgiving power of God to a group of barely awake 5 year olds I knew this was something that was worth sharing with you all.  No body is perfect but it surely is a comfort to know where you can go to make things right again.