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My “never-shys” know no strangers! Love these buggers…though they have grown so much since this photo was taken 😦

There is something to be said for going out of your comfort zone.  It’s a freeing experience.  It also shows people that you really care enough to get yourself out there and potentially get a door slammed in your face.  It’s pretty cool to have a cause and to care about it enough to make yourself vunerable.  Ugh, …not sure that I like the sound of that word.Yep, I am certain I don’t like that word.  Here’s the funny thing though.  If I can’t embrace it I am stalling everything.  I am immobile.  Paralizing ones self is never a good idea.  And yet, I perpetuate the cycle because I feel uncomfortable stepping out of the parameters I have set for myself.


Hey vunerable!  Maybe we could be friends.  Yeah, I know I don’t like rejection and it hurts when I am not accepted.  I know that I can be sensitive to other people’s opinions of me but I think we should try again.

How about it?


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