Kids, Life

Making a Difference 

I am a teacher. I have a small first grade class. They are few in number but have plenty of personality. I find myself thinking of all the kids that have come through my classroom.  My son was in my very first preschool class when he was 4. He’s 15 now so I’ve seen plenty of kids come and go during that time.

For most of my students I am the rule keeper, to motivator and cheerleader. I am the one who presents the task and guides them through the process. To some I am a constant and a routine that they take comfort in. To others I am the smile they crave and the only “good job” they will hear that day. I don’t take it lightly- although I have relaxed significantly as time wears on and I lose the spunk I once had.

It is an important job. We teachers shape the future. The kindness we give and the effort we put forth can make their day and influence their lives.

I’m not tooting my own horn- so often I feel as if I should be doing something more productive with my time. I just get a bit contemplative when I consider the fact that to one child I might be the difference maker. That is what keeps me going.


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