A girl has gotta have a few things that make her feel just a little bit fancy.  This dress is a bit of prettiness that makes me just so happy to be a girl.  Anyway, my dear friend N took me to a wonderful little party for the book release for The Renegade Seamstress.  It required just a touch of fanciness…and we were matching…in pink, of course.

As an introvert, a room full of nearly strangers required a lot of deep breaths but I made it through.  It was packed but the food WAS SO GOOD! Wallflower much? : /

But I got a great picture out of the deal and my friend got a party tag-a-long.  🙂

My friend actually designs these dresses.  You can find her lovlies @ daintyjewells.com/

*Just want to say that the water mark on this photo is incorrect.  This was taken by Sudbrock Portraits 🙂

My hubby also does photos and it was accidentally marked as his but we couldn’t figure out how to take it off


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