Mr. Cellophane

It’s an invisible kind of day.  Hello, to anyone who may read this.  I am, in fact, alive and well but often get that Mr. Cellophane kind of feel.  It’s a great song btw and a sort of anthem for wall flowers everywhere.  Well, in honor of all things invisible (people, problems, things we’d rather not say…) I am here to say that as your fellow wall flower I will do my utmost to notice you.  My new goal is to allow everyone that passes into my life the respect and attention they deserve.  I hope it comes back at me too.  In the words of Macy Gray “baby in between notice the blue skies, notice the butterflies, notice me.  Stop and smell the flowers and lose it, in sweet music and dance with me”.  (Only my FAVORITE song “Beauty in the World”) 🙂

Have a great day and notice someone.

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