thoughts on hair

I’ve been working on healthy hair lately.  It’s way more in depth than I had thought! For one thing, you have to have a healthy scalp.  Kind of obvious, I know but really how many people moisturize their scalp like they do their face?  Not many I would guess. I sure didn’t. It seems to be an important step in the process.

Anyway, I’ve been “no poo” for about a month and that is going well.  My hair isn’t as dry or unpredictable.  It actually feels happy!  So that is awesome.  I have taken out all store bought products as well.  I still occasionally use aloe vera gel in place of regular gel but my hair spray is basically scented sugar water in a bottle.  I have super fine hair so a tiny bit of product is all I need.  And….nobody even knows the difference!  Except now you all know.

I did use some lavender oil on my scalp the other day to help it out some.  The jury is still out.  Not sure what that did for it as there is really no way for me to view results.  I think I’ll try it again in a week or so.

The book I’m reading is Every Woman’s Guide to Beautiful Hair at Any Age by Lisa Akibari.  Lots of info!

What has worked for you?


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