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My Mommy and Daddy are Coming!

My parents aren’t they cute? 🙂

My parents are coming over today 🙂 This will be the first time my dad has ever seen the farm.  So far, just my mom has seen it “in real life” *hint, hint family!* It’s a bit like Christmas maybe better because I don’t have “entertainment pressure”.  It’s just our family goofing off and doing dumb stuff together.

Plus, they are bringing me a desk! The final installment to my command center a.k.a. home office crammed in the corner of the dining room. I am a happy girl!

They are also bringing a couch so that our care group can all be seated comfortably when we get together which we do every week. AND they are bringing me leftover paint.  This is pure gold people.  You have no idea how much fun it is to mix up some leftover paint and create a gorgeous color …unless you have already tried it then maybe you do.  So I will be in the color lab soon to see what I can concoct for our recently acquired bedrooms.

We decided that since girl 1 was upstairs girl 2 ought to be as well. Now we have three kids relocated to 3 separate rooms.  Boy (and boy’s dog) have moved downstairs to the big room previously occupied by 2 girls.  Girl 1 gets the “craftroom” read: wonky room that was kinda iffy on the flooring.  Girl 2 gets the tiny room previously occupied by boy.

Everybody relocated well.  Everybody except girl 2 that is.  She is the master of messes. She is often getting distracted by a more interesting task.  Actually, it could be dish washing as long as she can avoid the task at hand a little longer!  To be fair, she is a collector and she has the smallest room so the odds aren’t in her favor.  I purposely gave her this room so she would be forced to deal with her mess on her own on a DAILY basis. No more big sis to clean up for her!

I plan to help her organize it and get it all set up then sit back and see how she does…should be interesting!  If I ever get the video figured out I’ll give you al a virtual tour.  I’m really not that tech saavy though so it may be a while…

Happy Friday 🙂

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Thrift Store Finds and Command Center in Progress

Photo on 2017-10-08 at 15.51 #2
Water color of a farm, artist unknown

I love a good thrift store.  We are fortunate to have a couple of them in our town.  I am in the process of setting up a command center for our home/farm.  I am hoping that our schedules and to-do’s will be a bit less hectic if I can organize a place for all of our paperwork.  We are still very much moving into our new home as we can only do so much at a time.  It seems  every project is preceded by about twenty others!

Anyhow, I have been hunting for office finds and have come across some great items to get things organized.  I will try to post complete before and afters once I get everything together.  My parents are going to bring a desk for me when they come next week to visit.  I will be painting it to match my aqua-gold-neutral color scheme. I can hardly wait to get my “office” up and running

Right now I have a table in the dining room that is my desk and all the various things and papers that are officey are scattered in a variety of storage areas near by.  One of the things my husband requested was a designated place for mail.  I found this:Photo on 2017-10-08 at 16.03

Mission accomplished!  It gets a place of privilege on a small side table that I also bought from the thrift store for a couple bucks and painted a neutral gray/beige color.

I needed task lighting and I found this lamp at the thrift store:Photo on 2017-10-08 at 16.07

It is simple and pretty and most importantly tall enough to  make sure that the light will be where I need it to be.Photo on 2017-10-08 at 16.09

This little key holder was from Home Depot and was just really cute. So I got it. I don’t have plans for it yet but it will match my stuff and I love it.:)Photo on 2017-10-08 at 16.11

This old wire three tired tray was a thrift store find that fit in perfectly with everything and it took no paint at all – yay!

I can’t wait until I get everything painted and in place- more to come!

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I have two girls.  They both look like me – one more than the other.  Every time I see a picture of my mother at a young age or one of my daughter’s most recent ones I think of the proverbial apple falling from the tree.  It’s strange how uncanny it is.

I remember someone holding my daughter as an infant.  She was facing me but across the room.  With the distance the lines of time blurred and I saw not my baby, not myself, but my mother.  Weird. Very deja vu.

I was looking through some of my junior high and high school photos not long ago.  I was surprised to see myself now through an older me’s eyes.  I was cute and funny and active.  I wasn’t the ugly duckling that I remember feeling like.

Now I look to the future and I see my beautiful girl.  I tell her nearly every day that she is beautiful.  I tell her even more often that I love her.

When I see my mom again I will hug her tightly and tell her I love her.  I am so thankful to be given  the blessing of a wonderful mother and the opportunity to mother a lovely daughter.  I just happened to get sandwiched in between! This is one time I don’t mind being caught up in the middle 🙂

Me and a pretty awesome lady I get to call Mom