Food, Project Feed Me! #hungrymama

Project FEED ME chicken tacos #hungrymama

This meal was actually made for dinner but I had leftovers for lunch the next day. It was so stinkin’ fast (and good) that I’m thinking it might need a permanent spot on my regular weekly menu.

First off, my Wednesday schedule leaves me with very little time to make a meal. We had instituted “pizza night” for Wednesday and that was awesome but now that we are cranking down on the budget the pizza had to go. Sad, so very sad.

Here is my Wednesday:

6:30 wake up, do chores, eat breakfast, COFFEE, not kill anybody while trying to get everyone out the door and to school on time. Yes, I go to school too. (I’m a teacher though);)

3:00 School is over! Go directly to daughter’s allergy shot appointment.

4:00 (ish) Home we go! I have a whopping hour and 30 minutes to make food, feed people, make sure everyone is appropriately dressed and stay sane 🙂

5:30 Go to practice followed by church.

9:00 (ish) Go home,and go to bed….*ah*

So when I whipped these chicken tacos together I was shocked, amazed and astounded to find that I was EARLY to practice! It’s true! ( even if there wasn’t anyone there to witness it!) I didn’t keep tabs on the time but I’m certain it was less than 30 minutes in all. Of course, I did precooked the chicken.

The stars of this meal are…

The amazing, incredible time saving wizard…it’s the INSTANT POT!!!

I prepped my chicken in the morning so it was all cokked when I got home from the allergist.

The modest but multitasking jem of the kitchen…it’s the KITCHEN AID!!!

I tossed the cooked chicken in my trusty Kitchen Aid. I set the mixer to low. In about a minute I had shredded chicken. Yesssss.

It chops! It dices! It minces! And more….it’s the ECOCHOP!!!

Cilantro, lettuce and onions each got their turn in here. It takes less than a minute to chop with this thing. Im not a gadget person but I LOVE this one! You can contact me if you would like more info or look up ecochop from BONcook.

Now all I had to do was crack open a can of rotel and set out the, sour cream and shredded cheese. Oh, and taco shells!

Ready for assembly!
Don’t mind if I do…do…do…

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