Kitchen Reno

A kitchen remodel was my first request in our new house. I love to cook and I don’t mind smallish kitchens but the dark cave-like feel was kinda getting me down. Plus…mustard walls, blue counter tops and dark maroon cupboards would make even the hardiest among us a little sea sick.

The unofficial “plan”
The double oven and cabinet has been added from our old house. My husband installed this on his first round of the remodel. The original oven was on the half wall that was removed.
Here my husband removed an old glass stovetop and a the section of half wall that went with it. Thankful that mess is gone! The glass top had a horrible crack in it!:(
Some cupboards were removed as well on this wall. Lovely paint combination,  yes?
This is the “new” side of the kitchen with a new gas stove top and new counter and cabinet.
The “old” side of the kitchen. Gorgeous… original mustard walls, blue counter and maroon cabinets! :0

We have cabinets for our island coming. Thanks to some heavy budget cutbacks we will be able to get those in a month or so. Next up is to investigate and remove the center wall. Hopefully it’s not weight bearing!

Then, my dear friends, the demo shall commence! My new motto to repeat 10 times daily (or 10,000 times daily ) “The mess will be worth it!”


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