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I am a happy chicken mama right now!  Those ladies upped their game and I am getting an easy dozen a day and usually round 14-16.  So happy! Super eggcited!

Some of the things we did to make our girls happy:

Cleaned the coop

Made a hot mash with oatmeal, cornmeal, molasses and oyster shells

Finished the outdoor pen

Fed cracked corn for scratch grains outside

Fed kitchen scraps once a day outdoors

Our neighbor also killed 2 foxes behind our house a week ago so that may have been a factor as well.  I’m not sure what made everything cluck, er… click but we got eggs so I’m a happy girl!

From our farm to yours “Bock!” (that’s chicken talk for  happy Monday)

p.s. These lovely homegrown gems are posted on the classifieds!

p.p.s. We have a FB page just for farmy things! Henneke Farm

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Measure Once, Cut Forever

Here is a quick glimpse into the pretty much regular happenings of my life.  Illustrated for you in caramel.  This is what happens when I find a new recipe (or anything) that I HAVE to try.  I search, I find the instructions, I read them 2x, I get proper equipment…and then I dive in! Halfway through I usually forget something and frantically try to ad lib. Apparently if you are making caramel sauce and forget to add water at the end you end up with plain caramel candies.  Not a bad deal really.  Not if you have a proper way to package it and haven’t already poured it from it’s liquid state into jars….

Hurriedly scooping the warmed up caramel from the jar


Thank goodness for my BON COOK Roulpat! I was able to cut the caramel so much faster with the Roulpat and knife.

Don’t let that sticky sweetness fool you – that stuff is as hard as a rock by now!

My fabulous team of Umpalumpas…er, my family, helped me wrap each and every sweet bite (except what made its way into our mouths)

Moral of the story is- it’s always good to give a new project a trial run before the big show!  So now everyone gets caramels, you’re welcome!


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These are the bags that contain the goodies to make the crafts that will become the Christmas gifts that Veronica and her kids made.

Today is craftpalooza in which we will foolishly attempt to make every gift for everyone we know in one morning.  Yeah, it’s gonna be fun 🙂 I am addicted to crafting and it is a super fun way to turn inexpensive items into something giftable.  Plus, it’s relaxing…especially if it’s not done in MY kitchen!

Today’s line up includes:

Caramel sauce

Whipped body butter

Homemade hot chocolate

And the packaging to go with said items (minus gift tags and trims)

So yeah, all my family knows what they are getting now.

Happy Holidays!


This was about 2 ish hours and we will be giving these products a full review before sending them to loved ones;)

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Photo on 2014-11-25 at 09.55 #2

Yesterday we were coming home from Noah’s lesson and it has become my habit to “chore prep” in the car. Meaning, before we get home I’m outlining what needs to be accomplished that evening.  Yes, I’m a slave driver. I’m not sorry.

Anyhow, the chicken saga continues and even though they have granted us a handful of eggs we are still working on a solution. We made them an outdoor pen but that didn’t solve it.  That is the current project. My son has his own project and sometimes needs a helping hand.  Guess who? Yup, mama to the rescue.  It’s funny to me how the tables have turned.  Now I am trading and bargaining work with my son as we both are project people.  How fast the time goes!

Yesterday was a mellower evening for us and we spent the last hour of the day hanging out and telling jokes.  Always a favorite activity at our house.  We have had a lot of frustrating days but as my kids grow I find myself in a quandary.  At the baby stage I wished they could stay little.  I couldn’t wait for them to grow past that awkward not-a-toddler-anymore-but-still-ornery stage and now that 2/3 of my kids have left elementary school for good I am back to wanting to hold on but seeing the need for letting go. What is a mom to do?

happy Parenting!

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It’s too Early

I’ve been getting up around 4:30 every morning.  My body adjusted pretty well to Eastern time and now it doesn’t want to get back to Pacific. In those early morning hours I have been able to get a lot of stuff done. The down side is my day is half over at 12 and by 8 I want to be asleep. While I was up this morning I thought I’d do a 10 things about me post. I did one on Facebook but took it down. My husband who is a tech wizard lectured me on the horrors of online chain letters and super spamming and identify theft.  He’s no fun.

So here is my list:

1. I can eat a whole pumpkin pie in one sitting

2. I once chipped a tooth onstage while playing the role of a drunk man

3. I have never had stitches or surgery or a broken bone- I don’t like going to the doctor either

4. I really and truly love cooking – especially healthy food for my family…but my favorite food is pizza

5. I love learning and trying new things. I want to go in a hot air balloon and/or skydive before I die

6. Loud chewing will make me homicidal…

7. I used to play the flute in the pep band for home games in high school.

8. My hometown has a population around 3,000

9. I attended a University in Tacoma and was elected dorm president before I moved to Oregon

10. I am addicted to canning and baby animals and gardening and anything diy- no surprise there 😉

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Frosty Morning on the Farm

We had an early morning appointment for my middle girl today. She has been seeing the physical therapist for her digestive system and her appointment times are usually 7 am. We were on the verge of running late but it was just so beautiful in that barely there light I had to take a couple of pictures.  I have never felt more at home than I do here. God has truly blessed us and this morning was a perfect breathless moment when it all flooded in.

Until my kids started fighting in the car at least!

Wherever you are I hope you are at home.

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An old picture of my silly girl in her “Proud Mil Kid” Shirt!

I have been absent from my dear little blog for a few days.  We have been in NC with my husband’s family.  I was blessed to be a part of my father in law’s memorial service.  I only wish someone could have recorded the military salute.  If you have never seen one you really should.  If you have never been much of a patriot it just might change your mind.  It’s an honor and we are so very proud to have been a part of a military family.

My girls and I sang “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” and it was tough to get through it. I couldn’t look at my youngest as she would put her mic down every 5 seconds to wipe away her tears. I want to say again thank you to everyone who has prayed for our family.

I am thankful for the amazing things that have happened.  Isn’t it funny how hard things seem to draw you closer?  Anyhow, God is good to us and I am forever grateful for His mercies.

Lamentations 3:22-23 (KJV)

22 It is of the Lord‘s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.

23 They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

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Here’s the hubs working away…(what he does best). My father in law had a memorial with military honors and my husband put together a shadow box with the flag presented to my mother in law and all of his dad’s service medals. I’m so glad we had time to be here and do things like this. After all the legal and financial dust settles there are these projects to tend to.

I found the box at Michaels and it was on sale (60% off ) so I had to get it. We headed down to the PX to furnish the medals and my mother in law found the perfect picture for the frame. Team work!

By the way…I kinda really love being on base sometimes. I also really would love to have a PX close by but that is not going to happen anytime soon. Where else can you buy designer pursues and starburst candy in one purchase? No where. *sigh* I bought neither of those things but daughter #1 and I had fun critiquing all the fancy brands in the perfume aisle. We giggled and snorted and gagged like the refined and cultured individuals that we are and came to the conclusion that just because it has a high price doesn’t mean it smells pretty! My husband made me change clothes after our spritz fest….The boy also perfume bombed my backside when I wasn’t paying attention… keep an eye on your teenagers folks!

Anyhow, I’m glad we were able to be here for this time. Even if I did repulse a few individuals with my unique blend of scent.