Life, Love

Here’s the hubs working away…(what he does best). My father in law had a memorial with military honors and my husband put together a shadow box with the flag presented to my mother in law and all of his dad’s service medals. I’m so glad we had time to be here and do things like this. After all the legal and financial dust settles there are these projects to tend to.

I found the box at Michaels and it was on sale (60% off ) so I had to get it. We headed down to the PX to furnish the medals and my mother in law found the perfect picture for the frame. Team work!

By the way…I kinda really love being on base sometimes. I also really would love to have a PX close by but that is not going to happen anytime soon. Where else can you buy designer pursues and starburst candy in one purchase? No where. *sigh* I bought neither of those things but daughter #1 and I had fun critiquing all the fancy brands in the perfume aisle. We giggled and snorted and gagged like the refined and cultured individuals that we are and came to the conclusion that just because it has a high price doesn’t mean it smells pretty! My husband made me change clothes after our spritz fest….The boy also perfume bombed my backside when I wasn’t paying attention… keep an eye on your teenagers folks!

Anyhow, I’m glad we were able to be here for this time. Even if I did repulse a few individuals with my unique blend of scent.


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