Farm, Life

Living the Dream

We went to the farmers and merchants banquet last night. My husband was helping out up there and we got to get a look at who is getting things done here in our little valley.

As the awards were given out it was fun to hear the stories of all the farm projects people had going on. The “Ag Woman of the Year Award” was given to a sweet little lady who began farming with her husband when they were in their early 40s. It was inspiring to hear how one couple (along with kids and grand kids) began.

My husband commented, “That’s us!”. While I am not yet 40 *ahem!*…(thanks hubs) I had to agree. We have a sweet little hobby farm with a lot of potential. While we haven’t narrowed the focus yet on which avenue we would like to pursue yet we have lots of fun dreaming.

There are a few ideas brewing right now and I am fascinated with the idea agritourism. I know if we keep working at it we will hit on the true purpose for our little farm. For right now I’m just trying to enjoy the journey and not get into a hurry. All in time.


My View

Winter is definitely drawing near. The sky was doing crazy things yesterday in our pre-dusk hour. The light cut through the gray-blue clouds in a curious way. I took a few pictures but I’m afraid they didn’t capture the effect. Someday I’ll take a photography course and join the rest of y’all. Right now I am content to watch the sky and the world around me through my own two eyes. There is something spectacular about being in a single moment that will never be repeated. I can never get that when I’m snapping photos so I usually leave that to my self stick friends; ) I’m glad you all are better at documenting than I am. As for me, I like to watch the clouds roll by one at a time.

Family, Get Happy!

Choose Joy


This picture always makes me smile.  My friend Nelli Sudbrock did our portraits a few years back and this one just makes me so happy.  We were goofing around and Nelli had them attack us with kisses and it tickled so bad I couldn’t stop laughing!

Being a mother and a wife can be so tiring at times.  There are things I feel helpless to change and things I wish I had done differently.  There are times I wish I had spoken up and times I wish I had kept silent.  Oh, being human is such hard work!

I often think that if God just made us perfect then we could do things right the first time. No Mistakes! That isn’t the plan though. The plan is that we trust Him. Mistakes and all.

It’s tough trusting when you have lived by staying guarded for so long.  I find that when my trust is weak I can no longer find the joy that I seek.  When my trust is strong I no longer worry about the things I cannot fix.  God will take me through and I will pass the test at hand..if I trust.  I find that joy and trust are joined together for me.  My worry weighs me down but oh the relief that I feel when I just give it to God.

This season of life has made me realize that there simply isn’t time to mess around.  We get one shot at this journey and then we have to stand back and see if we hit the mark. Life can get heavy and we can sag under the load at times.  I’m glad I know where to go when the cares of this life get heavy.

Matthew 11:28-29 

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

Family, Life, Love


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…to borrow a few words from the man who knew how to use them. Things have been difficult lately with dad’s swift decline but some beautiful moments have happened and that is what I am so thankful for. Every day that we live is a gift. Every.single.moment. Live fully and love with everything you’ve got. It’s so worth it. You cannot put a price tag on the most precious moments of life. They are irreplaceable. Treat them according.  When in doubt, love.


Songs, Coffee and Sunshine

I’m here in the land of endless summer, aka North Carolina for a visit with the hubs mom and dad. Dad is now in full time care and not so well. As we went about our business today I saw this sign and snapped a picture. Is it any coincidence that my mom in law buys the same exact brand of coffee that I do? Well, the sign says it all.

A song keeps floating through my mind. “I’ll fly away” sings on as I see the endless blue above. Wishing we could all “fly away” together someday into forever.

Happy Friday from the land of sunshine!


The Wide World

About five minutes after arriving at the airport I realized I had forgotten to bring a travel size hand sanitizer. Everything I touched made me even more aware. Acutely aware. 

I may or may not have counted how many times the lady in front of me used the very same crumpled tissue to blow her nose on separate  occasions…. (it was 4) 

I should be used to it. I teach first grade after all. I have one student (who will remain nameless) that likes to repeatedly lick his pencil. We use a lot of g and sanitizer.  A LOT.  To be without it leaves me feeling a bit unarmed against the germs and bugs out there. Definitely going to be finding a Walmart in the near future. As my students call it “hanitizer”- don’t leave home without it!