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Living the Dream

We went to the farmers and merchants banquet last night. My husband was helping out up there and we got to get a look at who is getting things done here in our little valley.

As the awards were given out it was fun to hear the stories of all the farm projects people had going on. The “Ag Woman of the Year Award” was given to a sweet little lady who began farming with her husband when they were in their early 40s. It was inspiring to hear how one couple (along with kids and grand kids) began.

My husband commented, “That’s us!”. While I am not yet 40 *ahem!*…(thanks hubs) I had to agree. We have a sweet little hobby farm with a lot of potential. While we haven’t narrowed the focus yet on which avenue we would like to pursue yet we have lots of fun dreaming.

There are a few ideas brewing right now and I am fascinated with the idea agritourism. I know if we keep working at it we will hit on the true purpose for our little farm. For right now I’m just trying to enjoy the journey and not get into a hurry. All in time.


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