Study Time

I bought this bible not long ago. It is a “beautiful word” Bible. Honestly, I got it because the artwork is fabulous and it is cloth covered in a lovely floral fabric. I also held a secret hope that it would make me a better “studier”.

I have often been drawn to the combination of scripture and art. The words somehow become more tangible to me. One thing that helps me (that I haven’t done in a while…) is to print a few verses out in fancy font and either frame them or mount them on pretty scrapbook paper. I’ll put them up around the house so that I have reminders at every turn. I am not a still person and I need to be actively engaged so bumping into the Bible as I go through the house works for me.  If there is a particular area I am working on I’ll occasionally write it on the mirror so that it is visible everytime I fix my hair or brush my teeth. I really wish I could study like a normal person but if I’m not in a “class” of some sort it’s difficult. Y’all can pray for me!

I also like to memorize along with my students. They get 1 scripture a week and so I can count on committing roughly 30 ish scriptures to memory every year. This is helpful because I can’t lose them and I will never have to look them up! Its a win-win.

Another thing that is sometimes helpful is amazon music. They have bunches of music and even some scripture set to song. It isn’t my favorite way to “ingest” the Bible but it’s sometimes fun for my kids and students.

Well, I have to get back to my reading now, have a great Monday 🙂


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