Us in our natural habitat

My mind is a perpetual brainstorm.  So many great (and not so great) ideas flying around so fast that I can’t think straight.  I tried journaling but I may have misplaced one (or a dozen??) notebooks and they never seem to be where I am when I want to write.  I have a planner with a “brain dump” page where I can throw ideas down on a page as fast as they fly at me.  That helps with the initial weeding out process.  I look back and find that there are some pretty awesome things that I have come up with and some pretty unrealistic projects that will never happen.

Blogging was something I turned to as a daily outlet for my mind.  I need to get so many words out a day – probably more than the average person.  I was falling behind on my daily quota, WAY behind.  My husband is not much of a talker and will panic if I get going on projects that I would like to do or things that require planning.  He gets testy…. We can’t have that.

I have to say I love that I can chronologically organize my thoughts and ideas.  I can add pictures to whatever is on my mind that day.  It’s been great.  I hope somebody out there enjoys reading this stuff and if I can help anybody along the way then two people have benefitted from it!

Happy bloggin’!


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