IMG_0340Life has given me highs and lows. Times for celebrating and times I wished could be erased. Through it all I have to say it’s been mostly good.

I recently saw a clip about and Auschwitz survivor forgiving the Nazi doctor who experimented on her and her twin.  She was explaining the ordeal that she endured.  The heartache, physical pain and tragedy.  She spoke clearly and calmly about the most horrific of experiences.  Through all my ups and downs I have never encountered such hardship.  I consider myself blessed.

At the end she explained her desire forgive. She had met a Nazi doctor and she realized that he also lived with the horror of Auschwitz.  She forgave as a gift to the Nazi soldiers. She forgave for healing for herself. The Nazi doctor was there at Auschwitz during the use of the gas chamber.  Together they revisited the camp and signed a declaration that authenticated the deaths of so many. It was to commemorate the event for future generations.

What strength, what hope. I was in awe of such a human that could reach that far over and across barriers.  In a time when so many are putting up dividers over seemingly trivial things; this is what I want to be.  I want to reach.

Many other survivors denounced her.  Wondering how she could reject the cruelty they had endured.  She admitted it was crazy even to herself.  The results speak for themselves.  Crazy or not, there is a survivor out there who is free. Thank you, Eva, for such a beautiful example of life after tragedy.


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