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I love my garden.  It is quite taken over by thistles at the edges and if you aren’t careful they might even goose you as you harvest those down low squash.  I love the magnitude of it. It is far larger than any I have ever grown before.  The size is roughly 1/4 of an acre.  I was wanting double that but simply ran out of gas in my tank when planting time rolled around.  I am thankful I did!  It was a lot of work to manage what I did plant.

Previous gardens I had needed heavy amending to the soil and I was strapped for time this year.  I had my son plow it up and furrow some rows and I planted my little heart out.  There were no soil tests and no guarantees.  It was hit or miss.  That is what I love about gardening.  There is a certain element of chance.  You can til, plant, water and weed but ultimately the Creator wakes that seed up and sends notice that it is time to grow.

Everyone around me had gardens putting out produce before I did and I wondered if my reckless gardening style had bitten me in the backside again.  And then…something wonderful happened.  The plants decided they were simply late bloomers and started to produce at their leisure.  I harvest about every third day and get new surprises every time.  The marigolds have got to be a giant breed.  They are taller than my first grade class!  No kidding guys, they are amazing.

henneke farm MARIGOLDS

I have yet to get the whole canning/preserving thing down.  (SO.MUCH.WORK.) I would have to put everything on hold for a month just to get it all done.  Since this is my first year I’m gonna give myself some leeway.  Next year, I’ll get to canning like nobody’s business!

As I get ready to put the garden to bed I can’t help but tie it into my life. (what can I say, I find double meanings in everything)

Hard work. Check.

Late bloomer. Check.

A little uncertain. Check.

In the hands of the Creator. Check.

Ok God, You made the garden bloom- what can You do with me?



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