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My 1950 Chevy pickup getting a little love. This DIY has been handed down to more capable hands…my son’s! I did not inherit the mechanical or woodworking skills that my siblings did :/

Ok, so I am by nature a crafty sort of gal.  I was confused when I would throw together some random art project and people would stare and ask “How did you do that?” To me it was simple.  You just get creative and stuff happens.  It took me a while to see that I actually had a gift.

As it happens this sort of thing is not really in demand for too many basic jobs.  So I have a unique skill set that I have not yet marketed.  I may never market it. That’s not really the point anyway.

I have found that over the years being creative has made my life more enjoyable and exciting.  I have been able to bless others along the way.  I have been able to stretch my small means further than anyone thought they could go.

It’s funny when I google money saving tips and I see things that I have been able to make for less than half of the cheapest purchase price.  I feel good about that.  I don’t want to take it for granted.

I am blessed to have had parents who lived a DIY life out of necessity and taught me how to work with my hands.  My mother painted and arranged flowers and created an inviting home with very little money.  My dad built and welded and was forever knee deep in projects.  Both are extremely creative thinkers.

The things I remember most about my growing years were that we were allowed to be kids and to learn by error.  We climbed trees and built our own tree forts.  We used that dilapidated band saw to make wood projects.  We used the wood lathe to create gifts for friends and family.  We gathered flowers and branches from gardens, woods, fields to make elaborate arrangements for gatherings and holidays.  We planted, we grew, we were given the right of way.

My amazing sister blew everyone away when she built- from the ground up- a tiny house complete with wiring and insulation.  Mind you, this was WAY before tiny houses were cool.  She was sixteen. I did not get that much talent *sigh*.

If DIY isn’t your thing there are so many tutorials online to guide you through.  I encourage you to try it.  You might find yourself with a better product that cost you less to make than it does to buy.  Word of caution *it can be addictive*.


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