Winter is a comin’

We woke up to a beautiful clear sky this morning.  The weather is doing one of it’s famous fooled ya acts. Some seriously cool fall temps have been switched up for a last bit of summer.  I can’t complain about that.

We get just a bit longer before we put the garden to bed and before the world turns crisp then frosty then frozen.  I’ll take it! It does however cause some issues with sniffles and sinuses.  What is it with quick weather changes that our body just can’t handle?

Anyhow, as we were trying to take advantage of the nicer working weather we went great guns last night.  We had a huge brush pile burning – burn ban lifted, yay!  We had the wood splitter running full blast.  I decided that the hens needed a freshening so to the coop I went.

Those girls can make a stink I tell you!  They were happy to get things cleaned up and it will be much easier to go collect eggs now 😉  We save the ash from the indoor fireplace for the coop. When I finish removing the yucky top layer of dust and dirt I sprinkle out the ash and rake it in. I usually top it off with a bit of ground cinnamon for scent and cleansing.  If I have it I’ll sprinkle some diamotaceous earth on the chickens and the ground.

The ladies have been slacking on the job lately and I wanted to know what was keeping those eggs in. A clean coop should help some.  If that doesn’t get them going I’m going to pull out the heat lamp to see if that helps.  Chickens can be so fickle.  Come on girls!  Mama needs eggs!


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