My dog is a thief

Our hound recently found the freedom of the doggie door.  Since then she is quite content to come and go as she pleases during the day. This was a fine arrangement.  At least, it was at first.  Now we are wondering.

I was fixing dinner the other night and noticed my utensil jar on counter held nary a one.  No spatulas, no wooden spoons. Hmmm… I scouted through the dirty dishes and managed to find a workable substitute that I scrubbed up.

I came downstairs yesterday and found old oatmeal scattered like confetti over the counter top and floor.  None of the kids were the culprit this time. I knew it was the pooch but where did she stash the evidence?  In this case it was the old ice cream tub we use to hold kitchen scraps.  (which we feed to the chickens)

My gaze happened to wander to her place of choice. The back yard. There was an assortment of kitchen items.  All having been in contact with food. Thief!

My question is- how did she get that tub through the doggie door? Animals are amazing!


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