Coffee anyone?

I have a slight obsession with coffee.  I have been known to snub any coffee joint that may cover up mediocre coffee with sweet syrups and flavorings.  I’ll be blunt- if it ain’t good black, it ain’t good at all. Sorry, not sorry. It comes down to the essentials. Good water, good grounds.

I used to suck down anything remotely mocha flavored.  The more, the merrier!  After I found that milk treated me like a passive aggressive boyfriend I had to break up with my mochas. Fact is, almond or coconut milk just don’t froth the same.  Truth.

I tried bulletproof coffee.  Delish! It is a bit messy and a bit time consuming but worth it!  After a few days of that buttery goodness though I go back to the milky congestion.  Now I’m dating the coffee equivalent of a frenemy…

So, I decided to go black.  You know, my granny is onto something here.  It might be biting and bitter at first but it’s amazing how long you can savor one cup.  Now I don’t crave a “liquid candy bar” when I can have the real deal. Hot, black and full of flavor.

Photo on 2017-09-18 at 09.42 #2



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