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IMG_20140727_114443_599-001The writing prompt today was homesteading.  I often have too much on my mind to bother changing course but this one I can make an exception for.

When we bought our farm the whole drive for me was to provide 50% of our food.  I wanted healthy veggies from the garden and hormone free meat.  Chickens are terrific source for both eggs and protein.  Not to mention, they are quite fun little critters and no farm could be complete without a crowing rooster in the background.

The garden did it’s duty this year and we have been getting our fiber in.  If I had more skills and time I could preserve every last bit of it but I’ve only been at this farming business less than a year.  I am in awe of all the off gridders who make it work day in and day out.  I know they still purchase goods but to provide so much of your own food source is wonderful.

I get a thrill with every zuchinni I pick and every egg I gather.  Right now, we have enough eggs to begin selling off the excess.  I may can up a batch of pickled eggs with some as well.   (they are awesome canned with homegrown jalepenos!)  I have jams and soups lining my shelves as well as pre-made lunches for the kids.

My dirty little secret is frozen burritos.  It’s how I get out the door with the kids in decent time.  In an effort to cut down on burrito consumption for school lunches I canned up a “meal in a jar”.   Now, my kids can grab a mason jar filled with veggies, beans and meat for a hearty school lunch.  *bonus* If they don’t eat it, it won’t spoil in the car four days later.  Not that we have ever had that  happen before….

I actually love the burritos and I will still buy them.  They just don’t love us back.  We will see if a better meal makes a better school year.


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