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We made it

Well, it’s Friday morning.  The first week of school is nearly complete.  The school year has begun and with it all the routines and schedules revived.  Gone are the lovely, lazy summer mornings or the impromptu fun days.  Gone are the long, hot chores days and the county fair prep days.

We had our first fire in the stove last night as our temps dove down.  It’ is always so thrilling.  My son and I especially take a prideful glee in that first blaze.  We were fortunate enough to have gotten some wood as a result of a tree removal in town.  We were double fortunate in that a friend let us borrow a wood splitter for those terrifically large rounds.

Ah, the farm life.  It’s is both laborious and rewarding in each act.  Caring for 50 day old chicks was a BIG task, but now that I get to gather eggs- Reward!

The garden was a monumental feat for us.  It has more than paid us back with it’s delicious and healthy offerings.

So here’s to making it- I’ll raise my coffee cup to that!


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