Talkin’ bout love

I must confess… I have a struggle. (Insert long sigh) Marriage was stinky hard for me.  The wife thing never really made total sense.  My role…well…just wasn’t clear in my mind.  I knew I had to be a friend, a helper, a giver and forgiver.  Other than that I guess I was lost. So for all you kinda-missed-the-pre-marriage-counseling ladies out there I have a few little things that have helped me along the way.

Dating Divas- good stuff there people! (can do on a cheap budget too!)

5 love languages- again, good stuff

Good examples- find a couple who has been happily married many years

Honor- simply put, honor that guy for the man he is. It just may change how he treats you for the better…win-win!

Speak love- this is a good one for me.  I get a little tense and I need to at the least relax for the moment to focus on my words and say what I MEAN *not* what I FEEL. Counting to five is a good slow it down before you respond mechanism

Kisses- yes, even when you don’t feel like it.  Be affectionate when/how it suits you.  Don’t go super PDA if you are uncomfortable but a little squeeze/touch/smile/wink can go a long way

Happy Lovin’ !



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