Sniffle City

 Whenever anyone is under the weather they have the right to camp on the couch and take up real estate. Leela and I are making the most of it. She has been sniffly for a while and we spent a good part morning waiting to see the doctor. Prognosis : common cold, ugh. So, here are some things that perk us up when we are under the weather.

Cold and flu favorites include:

Ricola cough drops

Essential oils -especially thieves

Fishermans friend cough drops

Hot tea with honey and lemon

7 up

Orange juice

Wasabi peas

Homemade chicken soup (that I canned earlier in the year)

Reading, sewing and stories (in between naps)

New favorites :

It’s muscle cream and it doesn’t stink!

Seems to be working…

Hope you’re staying healthy!


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