My Country Tis of Thee

Today was mostly claimed by a sneaky migraine so I was feeling less than perky. Ugh! But as I was getting ready to leave school today I saw the flag flying out front. It’s there everyday. I usually don’t even notice. So common place a thing that it is easy to miss. But today we had exchange students that came to talk to our students. They told us about themselves and their countries.

I thought, with all the craziness in our world these kids came here anyway. America can’t all bad if we are still attracting customers!

Well, I guess it just hit me today as it sometimes does. I’m still proud. I’m still thankful. Some of my very favorite people were willing to risk their lives for that bit of fabric. The weight of that sacrfice is not lost on me.

God Bless America

All the best,



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