Food, Project Feed Me! #hungrymama

Project FEED ME #hungrymama

Quesadilla with bbq sauce and elk meat. A glass of water with lime 🙂

I am currently making my lunches at home. I know it sounds like a lot of work to do on lunch break. However,  I have noticed some serious benefits already!

Real food people, it’s REAL FOOD!

It’s HOT food (not the same as a cold salad or sandwich)

I get to eat sitting down and not in a car or at my desk! Like real adults!

I eat healthier.

I look forward to planning my meals as I am a planner at heart.

I feel like I am caring for myself. Certain things mean more than others to each person. (Love languages) I guess food is my love language!

I am happier.

No weight lost but I feel thinner.

I get to invite friends to my home to join me 🙂

I can make full use of what I have on hand. My meals must be quick so that means what I have in the fridge (or cupboards) gets used up and we have less waste.

It’s very budget friendly !

I feel more rested and satisfied after a real meal. Frozen burritos are not really my thing…

Well, there you have it. I think I’ll continue my meals at home as often as possible.  If you are free for lunch come on over!


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