All In A Day’s Work

I went out to do chores this morning and made my sniffy girl some chicken soup.  The washer decided to die this morning and the laundry was getting iffy. My husband was able to borrow a washer so he went out to pick it up. I was expecting someone to drop by so I squeezed in a shower before things got crazy. I heard a crash juuuuust as I was stepping out of the shower. Please.don’

I wrapped in my robe and cautiously peeked out. It was the soup… and so there goes miss sniffly’s meal and there goes my morning. *sigh*

*But* we got a washer in place. It’s borrowed but I am ever so thankful for friends that let you borrow such things as washers. And the kitchen got cleaned. Again. So that’s good too. And I was super quick getting ready today so it’s a win. Right?;)

Happy Saturday!


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