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The Roulpat makes rolling out pie crust SoEASY! We have rolled out 6+ crusts on this bad boy in the last 24 hours! The crust peels right up and it washes off with no scrubbing- so nice 🙂

Fall is a time for baking.  We had a pie social after church and my neighbor had a bumper crop of pumpkins.  Perfect timing!  My kids decided to do other flavors so they left the pumpkin to me! (oh darn!)

I loved baking as a kid but soon fell away from it as my family grew and I saw my hard work disappear before my eyes.  Cooking lasted longer and I felt I could improve our health more with simple meals.  Fast forward… now I am finding that with a few handy tools (Thank you BONCOOK) it’s a bit easier, faster and more rewarding.  Plus, I have kids who love baking so my kitchen is gonna be a mess anyway, I might as well join the party!

I learned how to prep the puree from reading other blogs and tutorials but I’ll give you a run down in case you are interested.

Half the pumpkin and clean out seeds and strings

Bake pumpkin in a casserole dish with about 1/2″ water for 1 hour at 350

Scoop out soft flesh (once it has cooled) and puree in blender- that’s it!

My lovely handled bowl…so simple and so brilliant. I loosely based my pumpkin pie filling off of a recipe called “Chef John’s Pumpkin Pie” on Allrecipes


My mom had lots of ‘unrecipes’ if you will. I just start mixing things up when I cook. We are kitchen rebels that way. I did measure this time so this is my throw it together recipe: 2 sticks real butter 4 cups white flour 1 cup (more or less) cold water This made enough crust (bottoms only) for 4 pies


I thought a monogram pie would be nice. Here I have my handy “soft knife” that will cut through crust …but NOT my Roulpat
Ready to go in the oven!


Aaaand another one
This was my daughter’s peach pie. She did a great job 🙂

Hope you are enjoying your fall and happy baking!


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