Bock Bock

Photo on 2017-10-08 at 15.51 #2
Water color of a farm, artist unknown

It’s Farm Friday! Reporting on the chicken situation today.  Those dirty birds still are not laying.  I have cleaned and freshened their coop and have been giving them leftover kitchen scraps (hello 3 day old oatmeal!) for treats but NO EGGS.  This is getting serious.  I had to BUY eggs at Wal-mart.  And there is a difference…yes, there. is. a. difference.

So my son has been talking to our local chicken experts and has decided they need an outdoor chicken run.  Fine. Except I do not have energy to build a fence that I had already put up once and then taken down.  He volunteered himself for the job as he seems to be very concerned about our eggless condition.

Praying for eggs 😉



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