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Looks yummy! Smells good too- but don’t eat the soap!

Today I made soap.  I have only made soap once or twice before and used a very simple recipe.  I had a more steps involved n the recipe I used today and got a little flustered when I reached “trace” much quicker than I anticipated but all went well and now I have a lovely oatmeal cookie soap waiting to be unmolded .  Everyone keeps trying to eat it here at the house because I used a muffin tin  and a bread pan for a mold. It really does look and smell like baked goods!  Hopefully I can get some molds made up for future batches…. pretty sure taking a bite out of freshly made soap is not a good idea :/

I am hunting for the perfect shampoo bar recipe.  I made one before that was heavy on the coconut oil and found that to be too drying for my hair.  I am hoping to add a bit more moisture to my shampoo bar as well as all the good add ins that promote hair growth.

I have tried sulfate free shampoos and ‘no poo’ as well as CO washing with mixed results.  I always end up going back to the homemade soaps as they clean well without stripping the hair and they have zero sulfates.  Also, you don’t need to take out a loan to whip up a batch of soap.

The oatmeal bar that I made today will work fine for shampoo for my family but I want to dose up a batch with rosemary, lavender, tea tree and all the other hair goodies.  We have varied needs as far as hair care goes so the souped up shampoo bar will most likely be just for me.

Through the course of time I noticed my hair was getting thinner and thinner and the texture became more brittle.  I was careful with it but still it broke off a lot.  I started my “hair health” by taking out sulfates.  That helped a lot but products still left my scalp itchy and sore and my hair was not happy.  I began to treat my scalp with essential oils.  mainly, lavender, tea tree and cedar wood.  That helped too and I notice a difference when I treat it regularly.  Now, I oil my ends before and after every washing and I have started doing an egg mask once a week.  I brush my hair out thoroughly at night and wither braid it or put it in a bun.  I rarely (like maybe 4-5 times a year) use heat other than a hair dryer.  Each step I take toward healthier hair has given my hair new life.  Genetics has given me thin hair and it will probably remain that way but with care  I have been able to keep it healthy.

I can’t wait to get a new batch of soap going… next up: shampoo bars, goat milk and castile 🙂


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