Another day, another cup of coffee. Here we are again.  It’s a Monday and it’s time to get it all done…. My list is forever growing and right now I am thinking about all of the winterizing that needs to be done.

-Cut firewood

-Heat lamps for bunnies

-Heat lamps for chickens

-Drain water hoses

-Pick veggies from garden

-Can or freeze veggies from garden

-Repair any doors on out buildings

-Insulate water pump

It goes on and on.  As long as we live here I think we will forever have to dos a mile long.  This particular morning I am trying to remember my promise to myself.  I will do something for me today.  I do not have do do everything.

I am looking forward to the quieter months and I know that our workload will decrease a bit as we head indoors.  It is always a flurry of activity before we get to the real hard weather of winter and to be honest I just don’t have the energy at the moment.

I remember the story of the cricket and the ant.  The ant worked diligently through the summer to store away food.  The cricket played music late into the summer night’s and slept through the heat of the day.  In the end the ant was well fed and warm that winter and the cricket had to  humble himself to ask for food and shelter.  I am all ant- all the way… until I am all cricket- all the way!

Well, I know my half ant temperament has at least given me a few canned items on my pantry shelf.  I also had a lovely garden this year.  So I’m letting the cricket half win at the moment.  It’s time to slow down and watch the leaves turn.

Happy Fall!



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