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The man who stole my heart and who now brings me chocolate

I thought was only fair that I include a post on the man of my dreams after talking about my kiddos. Ok, so this guy was really-kinda NOT going to be the man I married.  I was pretty intent on that. Yup, I was positive.  No small town boy for me!  I was going to find the cultured and well read man that would tell witty jokes and take me to the opera and art galleries.

And then the internet happened.  We ended up chatting online and the next thing I knew we had a face to face.  Mind you, this was when instant messaging was BRAND NEW.  I actually didn’t know how to use it and my friend was giving me my first tutorial when I met the man pictured above.  Ironic, isn’t it? I’ll just agree with myself right here and say yes, it surely is.

So, one date lead to another and soon I was sporting a diamond on my left hand.  I remember my college ceramics class discussing the horrors of online dating.  I innocently went about my work. Then I very quietly chimed in…”That’s actually how I met my boyfriend”.  They all stared at me with terrified/repulsed/indignant/ I don’t know what all stares.  Awkward.  Finally one asked, “So… how’s that going for you?” I held up my 1/3 carat round cut diamond for them to see.  “Um, pretty good actually!” *crickets*

That was our humble beginning and just a year and two weeks later we were married. It has been a ride people.  We have stuck it out for sixteen years now and I think I can safely  say we are gonna make it!

Anyway, back to the man at hand.  I think it is so funny that the idea of  perfection I had in my mind was the complete opposite of the man I married. What I got instead was way better.  Kind, humble, generous, gentle, long suffering, patient, hard working, loving… I could toss around adjectives all day and never cover them all.

What I thought I wanted was really just who I thought I should be attracted to.  Who I really am is a simple country girl.  God knew the man for me would match those things and that I would complement him.  I am proud to be a working man’s wife.  I am thankful for the food and shelter that he provides for us.

At the end of the day I may not have much in the bank account but I can call myself rich.  I may never get a dozen long stemmed roses delivered to my door but I can count on a chocolate bar finding it’s way onto my bedside table every now and then.


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