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Keep it together…

I have a few little helpers that I like to have at my fingertips.  I am not sure how many of you need to plan your life but I sure need the structure if I am going to keep things working properly and get things done in a timely manner. And not forget stuff, that’s a biggie.

I keep a day planner.  I have a beautiful rose gold planner that I love.  When I ran out of inserts I was going to buy more the same size (A5) but I found a bitty school planner that fit neatly inside.  This was better because I could chose to take the whole shebang or just the calendar.  I like options 🙂

It is essential to me that they are pretty and somewhat matching.  No, it doesn’t matter.   But, if I like it, I’ll use it.  I’m a simple girl. My planner is a Prima planner and the pocket planner is PlanAhead.  The pen is pilot. I change it up every year so brands don’t really matter to me (no, I don’t get endorsements)

I keep these bad boys hoppin’.  Monday is my stay at home day.  I clean, plan the weeks menu, shop if needed, prep meals for the week, do errands and any other tid bit that got missed during the week.  I also plan out tasks and events for the week ahead.

Saturdays I do a family meeting- usually just me and hubs.  We discuss the most needful projects and the items most worthy to receive attention on pay day.  This gets us caught up and lessens chances for disagreements later.  I can then write said items down on the white board for all to see. That way, we all know what the priorities are.  An added bonus is that if an unmentioned party *ahem* decides to change their mind we have a list to keep dollars and attention veering from the task at hand.

I have swapped my to do list out for a context based list.  You can find this concept at

It isn’t a new idea but it has helped streamline the amount running around I do.  i just made my own print outs. This can keep you moving forward with your day and those little to dos that often get neglected can start getting ticked off the list with minimal effort.

I hope to do a whole house edit in the future.  There is nothing like a good purge and declutter fest!  Happy adulting!


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