The Me-ness of Me

This is the struggle: to live truer to myself.  I know there a lot of cliches out there.  I am not out on a soul search to find myself.  I simply want to stop worrying about how I will be viewed and make the choices/say the things/do the stuff that I would do if I wasn’t constantly putting the “should dos” of life in forefront.

I am getting older.  I am NOT OLD!  But I am not going to gain any extra days or years in this lifetime.  I want them to count.  I want to matter.  I want people to miss me when I’m gone.  Most importantly- I want to live so that I leave part of me behind.

I am at this very moment. being a wife, mom, teacher, Sunday school bus worker and a farmer.  Each of these roles requires a lot of work and attention.  I cannot do them all well all the time.  I have learned some by heart and so the routine often gets me through.  Do I love these jobs? YES! Do I want to keep doing them? YES! But what do you do when you find yourself being swirled in circles by the carousel of life?  Life on repeat- around, and around again.

I am in the midst of one of those times.  Dear reader, I need to break free.  This life is a one time shot.  Do or die, baby! Actually, it’s do and die – we all face that day when our time is up.

I have challenged myself to be the me-est me I can be.  Say all the stuff!  Do all the things! Make choices and if they don’t work make more!

Well, I am feeling better already

Let’s go carpe that diem!


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