So, in the spirit of keepin’ it real I have to bring a little something to the table.  What to do when you flat just got smacked down by life.  Whatever the cause or event the end result leaves you face down wallowing in a mud puddle of misery.  Anybody ever been there? I sure have.

I have found that in these times you not only find out who your friends are but you find what you are made of.  When you’re in the nitty gritty and all your peeps are happily sailing along without you (or so it seems) we could all take a little tip from Annie.  But the that fuzzy little red head is no where to be found…. sigh*

Well, when the hurt is real find you a quiet place and breathe.  Deep breathing is highly calming

Cry- cry your heart out! You will feel better (just remember to wash  your face when you are done)

Nobody wants to listen to all your bellyaches but you can take it to God.  Prayer is free and available to all.  Lift it up and lighten the load.

Write it down.  Get that pen and paper and give it a piece of your mind! (you can always rip it up later…or burn it 🙂 ..this is also stress relieving)

Get a mentor who has seen a few things in life.  Not a buddy, not a yes-girl, not a shop-a-holic (or any other kind of holic) but someone who can see the bigger picture that knows your potential.  Don’t settle on this one, search until you find someone to fit the role.

Dust off that Bible.  It’s chock full of people between a rock and a hard place.  Anybody know a guy named David?  Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.  He was mighty, brave and used of God.  He was also very human.  It’s relieving to know that even great people have valleys in life.

Finally- there is a great message available on Apostolic Classics by Vaughn Morton called “Let it Unfold”.  Whenever I feel like life is riding me I listen to this and get myself back to riding life 🙂


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