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These people…

My little family Fall 2013

So here are four of the reasons I get up each day and face the world.  My sweeties.  I am so thankful for this group right here.  I want to forever be mindful of that.

How many times have I focused on the bad and not seen the good?  Oh, don’t answer that!  I caught myself the other day thinking murderously about how the children leave messes, don’t close the door, are needy, etc.  My mind was a swirl- not a good one.  I felt a small check and in my mind I could hear a voice saying.  “Your children are a blessing in so many ways”.  Thanks God.

Nobody else heard it but it came to my  mind as plainly as if it were spoken.  I love that.  I love that God cares.  He cares about our mommy hearts.  The part that worries and stresses over our babies.  He cares about our everyday needs. A decent shower and not being interrupted in the bathroom to name a couple.  He also cares about how we treat His gifts to us.  Our children.

When your mind is a mess of messes take a little time to reframe it. This is a continued effort in my world as some of us *ahem, ME!* are born with a natural skepticism.  Not always a helpful trait.

As we head into fall and enjoy the cooler temps and cozy fallish things I am going to make a concentrated effort to keep my eyes on the good.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

James 1:17


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Things that make me happy

In an effort to be more mindfully thankful I have put together a short list of happy things.  Life isn’t always peachy but I have lots of sweet spots! Here are a few:

My fire place! OOOH the comfort of wood heat cannot be over estimated.  I always hated having wood heat as a kid because it meant more work for us.  Now, I have a strapping young son of my own and the tables have turned- MWAHAHAH!  Seriously, come over here and sit by my fire.  You won’t want to get up.

Kids who like baking are also a win.  Who wouldn’t love sitting by said fire and having on of your very own kiddo serve up a couple of cookies or cinnamon roll to “see if it turned out right”. Yup, I am the official tester.  It’s a tough job 😉

Coffee- dear, sweet, magnificent coffee…

My hubs.  Yes, he is crazy.  Yes, he totally makes me want to smash something on occasion.  He is also one of the most giving and kindest people on the planet.  I’m not even joking.  The man would do anything for anyone- no, you can’t have his number and he will not be available to look at your ceiling fan.  ( I get protective)

The kids- a.k.a. the crazies 🙂 They make my home a wild, hairy mess and I love them.



What makes you happy?  You don’t have to have it all to have a pretty awesome life!


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Monday DIY


These are my lovelies.  Cute right?  I know, I am blessed!  I love them all but sometimes a mama need her own space!  And spa treatments…

Here is my Monday cure for getting myself prepped and feeling good for the week:

*Hair mask*

1 Tbs conditioner of your choice

1 Tbs oil (olive for thick/dry hair, coconut for finer hair)

1 egg

mix all ingredients and apply to clean WET hair- leave for 30+ minutes and wash as usual


*Face mask*

In a blender mix 2 Tbs oatmeal, 1 Tbs honey and 1Tbs warm water.  You can add extras like bentonite clay or charcoal if you have any of those fancy things.  If not, no biggie.  Blend until it is soupy and apply to clean dry face.  Leave to dry (it’s a thin mix, it won’t take long) Wash face as usual and moisturize!

Also, stop and get your favorite drink while running your Monday errands.  That is a treatment in itself!

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Lingering PTSD and your sanity

IMG_8677Hey there! I am well aware that this title is a bit foreboding but please don’t let that color me scary.  I am a milspouse and proud of it.  I have actually “graduated” as my hubby has since retired from the military. Adios Uncle Sam!!! So- you may think it’s over.  It’s done! No wars or deployments for this all American couple! From the practical side of things they are.  From the relationship side? Not so much…

First step is knowing the signs and sometimes that isn’t all that obvious.  I have a sweet tempered and relaxed attitude type hubby.  If he is strangely tense or irritable- something is up.

He is never one to be hostile but it can get lonely as he withdraws into his own headspace.  Kid dealing with a life struggle?  Hubby can’t help.  Overwhelmed with caring for home/work/kids/ect? Hubby can’t help.  Having an emotionally over the top day because your hangry and Aunt Flow is banging at the door-or just had a bad day? Hubby can’t help.  That’s what PTSD looks like at my house.  No angry outlashes but I feel as if I have lost my friend.  This is the heartbreak.  These things don’t stay constant. Thankfully!

We have good and bad days.  Here are my top tips to keep more good days happening:

  1. Pray daily for your spouse and your relationship *Daily* yes, daily! This is so important because all it takes is one harsh word and Mr. Strong and Silent is all clamped up again. He has to be able to trust you.  Show it with your words.
  2. Get out! Do your hair! Be gorgeous! Read a book! Get some me time.  Dealing with life gets hairy and you need to step away now and then.  I did not follow this advice and I fell into burn out.  Oh, wicked burnout- it’s ugly y’all!
  3. Confide in someone -ANYONE.  Well, not just anyone. Someone you trust.  Even someone who has no idea what you are facing will do.  You just need a good ear so you can release any built up frustrations safely.  *please* do not “DUMP” on your friends- use good judgement here. You want them to listen to you next time too so keep your friends happy and be an ear for them when they need it too 🙂
  4. Look for people who “get it”.  This might be joining a FB page or making contact with another milspouse.  I have only a handful of wives that I know well so I went online and listened to webinars.  Whatever you need to connect and feel understood. You aren’t alone.
  5. Be proactive about your marriage and your home.  Plan fun activities for your children.  Plan date nights.  Be the cruise ship recreational director! Your spouse may need the nudge to get out and do.  You may be exhausted already but getting a jolt of “something new” may just unlock a door or two.  You may end up with many happy surprises along the way.
  6. Seek wise counsel when needed.  Not your favorite Auntie who hates all men or your high school girlfriend three times divorced.  I am forever thankful for the mentors in my life.  Their lives have inspired me to live better and kinder.
  7. Finally, don’t be afraid to start over.  Sometimes we truly need a restart.  If you are really struggling-get that restart.  Get “remarried”, say those vows again –  they will have an even deeper meaning now than ever before.  You can’t avoid change so embrace it.  Commit yourself to marry the man that came home to you- not the memory of the man you remember. Best wishes and big love, Veronica
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If you’re happy and you know it, sing along!

If, for whatever reason, you should feel a bit down… try singing! I’m not kidding!  The freedom you feel when you really belt it out is unbelievable.  Try it, you’ll like it 🙂  I find that even when I’m not in the singing mood my little students are fully expecting me to lead them in our usual numbers.  Just knowing that they are waiting on me and my enthusiasm to set the tone can really make me take singing seriously… and myself not so much!

Some songs to consider:

You are my sunshine (classic mood lifter)

Army cadence (if you can’t sing you can surely march and shout!)

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands 🙂

The hokey pokey (it’s impossible to feel bad when you shake yourself about!)